India’s Largest Immersive Skilling Platform for Industries.

Our core competency is to Build, Deploy, Maintain & Upgrade training technology infrastructure. We currently cater to industries like pharmaceutical, logistics & warehousing, manufacturing, mining & construction, MHE & healthcare.




10k+Upskill Workforce

Our Vision

As an organisation, our focus is to develop systems which enable transfer of critical information and data in the most efficient and effortless manner, from any knowledge hub (Company/Training Department standards) to the actual end user (any kind of skilled worker).

Our Mission

We are striving to impact the global economy by 6.3T $ by driving the 53M new job opportunities by the year 2028.

Our Founders

Abhinav Ayan CEO & Co-Founder
Anirban J Chakravorty COO & Co-Founder

CUSMAT was founded with the idea of revolutionising learning and training. We believe that Immersive Learning can restructure industrial learning and training where the entire workforce can operate with maximum efficiency and productivity.

Our founders believes that an individual has immense capability to perform at his best when equipped with the right learning tools and empowered with the right kind of knowledge, not only at an organisational level but also on a personal front, irrespective of the formal-educational background of the person.

Our Team