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Our story

In 2016, as students of NIT Warangal, Abhinav and Anirban hit upon the realization that classroom based pen-and-paper techniques made it strenuous to comprehend the practical aspects of concepts being taught. They further apprehended that this hurdle wasn’t limited to education and existed as a persistent issue in the industrial sector - where using traditional training techniques were not sufficient or ‘real
enough’ for the operator to efficiently handle the heavy equipment resulting in lower
productivity and often critical safety-related incidents.

Together, the NITians devised an innovative solution that would not only help individuals with upskilling but would also contribute to comprehensive industrial growth & safety. Extensive research and experience made them recognize that advanced learning was required across most sectors and hence began the journey of CUSMAT- the custom skilling meta verse.

Leadership Team

CUSMAT hopes to improve learning and training methods across industries. Meet
the team ‘immersed’ in making this happen!

Abhinav Ayan


Anirban Chakravorty


Anupam Rawat

Product Head and Specialist

Apurv Singh

Head of Technology Platform

kVS Rao

EVP Manufacturing & Business Process

Anirban Sen

Director of Mining & HEMM

Ananda Rao Moram

Sr vice president - Logistics & supply chain

Harshad Apte

Head of Marketing

Sunanda Rathia

Head of HR

Shubham Jadhav

sales Manager

Kalyani Bapat

Chief Of Staff

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