Cusmat’s Metaverse-based training and upskilling tools for technicians and operators in Mining, Logistics & Manufacturing industries are making training and recruitment more efficient, faster, and cost-effective.

Cusmat is providing virtual reality or augmented reality based upskilling tools for operational and maintenance training in India. Its immersive learning techniques are based on virtual reality and augmented reality, which have shown to be more effective than traditional classroom training methods.

“There is high demand for skilled manpower in the country, so much so that the Government is also focusing on skill development. Many private and
government-aided training centers have been set up across the country,” says Anirban Sen, Director – Mining and HEMM at Cusmat.

“We are promoting the concept of metaverse-based skilling to contractors, OEMs, and HEMMs – Heavy Earth Moving Machinary Manufacturers. We have
showcased this technology at various exhibitions to bring awareness. We are planning to collaborate with private players to set up training centers in other parts of the country. Our plan is to make training extremely accessible,” he adds.

Cusmat operates across four major verticals: mining, logistics, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. Under mining, it offers simulators for various equipment
such as Dumpers, Winders, Excavators, and Mining Equipment Maintenance. The system comes with voice-over instructions in any Indian language. It is cost-effective and reduces training time by up to two months. The simulator allows both novice and experienced operators to become comfortable with the controls, enhance their efficiency and expertise, and reduce maintenance costs. It also replicates high- risk scenarios in a secure and realistic learning environment to improve the technicians’ ability to remember and apply their learned techniques to their daily tasks. In addition to its training applications,
the Cusmat Simulators can also be used during the recruitment process to evaluate candidates’ expertise as operators. This can help organizations to identify high-quality manpower and ensure that they are recruiting the best possible candidates for the job.

Says Sen, “Our client base includes major players in the mining industry, who are in the top 500 Fortune companies, of which 14 are our clients. We have recently deployed a dumper and excavator simulator at Tata Steel mining in Sukinda, and have received an order from Ultratech. However, our simulators are not limited to the mining industry; we have supplied them to DHL India for providing training on their logistics and forklifts, and to Schneider Electric. We
have a diverse clientele base operating our products in the US and Southeast Asia.”