Dump Truck Simulator.

An advanced simulator to Train and Assess Dump Truck Drivers in mining environment under various conditions like foggy/ rainy weather & night driving. The simulator is ideal for new as well as experienced operators. New operators can get familiarised with the truck controls and learn the basic driving techniques. Advanced operators can improve their skills as the simulator is designed in such a way to increase productivity, fuel efficency and overall safety levels.

Impact of our simulator

Productivity Improvement

Increase in Fuel Efficiency

Safety Training in Mines

Accident Reduction


Our Vitual Reality based training simulator is compatible with multiple VR headsets like Oculus Rift, Quest, etc. The simulator is customisable based on the client’s requirements and can solve the issues faced in mines. The user is completely immersed in the mining site and can explore and interact with the virtual environment while learning the ideal driving techniques.

The simulator has realistic mining environment with all the mining equipments like Excavator, Light Vehicles, Tipper, Haul truck and Mine workers. The user will be able to drive the truck in different scenarios like Rain, Fog and Night conditions.


Detailed Training Modules are provided to ensure smooth learning. All the levels are pre-built for Indian Mining Scenario and can be used by a new as well as an experienced truck driver. These levels include dealing with emergency situations and also ensure training competency in mining environment. Our training levels includes the following scenarios:

  • Pre start and Shut down procedures
  • Truck controls familiarisation
  • Driving on Terrain
  • Driving on Haul Roads
  • Loading and Unloading the truck
  • Truck related error events
  • Environment related error events

Various testing levels for different scenarios are provided inside the simulator to assess the knowledge of the truck driver. Detailed performance report of the driver is generated after completion of each testing level. Our advanced data analytics suite gives insights into accelerator and breaking ways, gear shifting, safety, route and fuel optimization.


Our Dump Truck Simulator is currently available in three languages: English, Hindi and Bengali. Customised training simulator can be developed in other languages based on the client requirements. fuel optimization.