The mining industry contributes nearly 2.5% to India’s GDP. Although the growth rate has increased significantly, the industry is facing major challenges because of an acute shortage of skilled service technicians, resulting in an increase in downtime of the equipment due to increased mean time to repair, higher equipment failure rates, and increased life cycle costs.

Outcomes Delivered

Reduction in avoidable
Reduction in Mean time
to repair
Reduction in training time of

Problem Identification

In this case, the bottleneck for the customer was the downtime of the equipment due to:

(a) Inability to repair and maintain equipment,
(b) Frequent breakdown of equipment.

As a consequence of the complexity of the equipment operations and frequent changes in manpower due to a high attrition rate, the service technicians were unable to achieve the required level of expertise to keep the equipment running, resulting in high penalties, loss in service revenue, and frequent breakdowns of the equipment.

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