Problem Statement

ReachTruck Operation is
Important and Crucial for Activity
for Warewise Operation

Reach Trucks have gained importance in the MHE segment over the past few years as the equipment of choice for handling of loads. As useful, powerful they have become, they can also be dangerous when operated in an unsafe manner. Operators must have a good safety attitude and commitment to responsible operation to prevent injuries and property damage.


Upon successful completion of the module, the operators would be better equipped in the following areas

  • 1. Understanding of Pre inspection check.
  • 2. Lifting and Loading Load Safely.
  • 3. Handling equipment safely on types of Surfaces.
  • 4. Pedestrian Protection while Driving.
  • 5. Lifting with Approved Guidelines.


Our simulator is an interactive, self-directed computer application designed to present information and confirm employee comprehension and ability. It is the repository of key knowledge, both broad and specific. It can be viewed by all and helps create a base for learning so that everyone is on the same page.

  • A Comprehensive Learning with High Retention Rate

  • Better Preparedness for Accident Prevention

  • Practical Understanding of Day to day On Job activity.

  • Higher Productivity and Improved Performance

Companies using the Product

What they say about us. . .

We never thought we could have a simulator for winding engine operator training. Young engineers from Cusmat really understood the machine and problem well.

MOIL / Director Mines

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