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Logistics and warehousing are critical to the nation’s development as a whole. Central to the day-to-day running of any warehouse is the ability to safely & efficiently manoeuvre product around the space – lifting pallets into place and removing pallets from racking. Because of this, Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and skilled operators form a vital aspect of a well-run Logistics & Warehousing organisation.

Cusmat’s metaverse-base skilling solutions for MHE operations feature self-guided, progressive learning simulations. With immersive learning scenarios and operator metrics captured at every step, these provide the most comprehensive skilling solutions for efficient MHE operations.

Cusmat Solution


Cusmat’s Forklift simulator recreates real-world scenarios that help train And test employees, reducing the risk of injury to them and damage to the equipment while improving efficiency.

By honing their skills using a simulator, the operators reduce the risk of injury to themselves, the machinery, and the material being handled. This leads to a positive learning experience for the team and helps them perform better. Given the transferability of skills learned on our Metaverse-based skilling platform, Clients have reported a huge uptick in clearing operator licensing examinations among those who have undergone the simulator-based skilling.

Reach Truck

Using a sophisticated Cusmat training simulator, reach truck operators are trained and evaluated before they can start with the work within the warehouse. This skilling activity is an invaluable tool for new recruits and helps them practically understand the work in a shorter period of time.

Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery agents are the customer-facing end of the logistics industry. Experienced agents are difficult to retain owing to seasonal requirements and employment dynamics. With traditional ILT new recruits typically take 3-4 months to reach the minimum expected number of error-free deliveries, which has an adverse effect on volumes handled. Traditional ILT also suffers from poor retention levels (<5%) and the lack of measurability of skill levels of those who have undergone the training.

Our Metaverse-based skilling platform helps rapidly upskill the new delivery partners and helps improve their accuracy and efficiency by effectively leveraging smart technologies to provide on-demand scenario-based inputs while offering insights into individual skill level assessments. This drastically reduces the time to reach maximum efficiency, improving error-free volume handling.

Outcomes Delivered

Reduction in Operation cost

reduction in dispatch delay

Reduction in Cycle time

Reduction in poor handling

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