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Functional training is the concrete foundation of the manufacturing sector. Specific tasks on the Manufacturing line such as Brazing and Welding need a high level of precision from the technician to ensure that high productivity is maintained without any compromise on quality.

Cusmat helps you overcome such challenges by upskilling via immersive training to help develop the real-world skills operators & technicians need to ensure that manufacturing lines run safely and efficiently.

Brazing And Welding

Processes like brazing and welding require sufficient specific knowledge and practical training, without which a new recruit can cause harm to the equipment and himself, thereby increasing the company’s liability and reducing productivity. This training takes time and sufficient exposure to actual work outside the classroom setting for it to be effective.

Cusmat Solution

Cusmat provides immersive training to the employees to reduce this risk and
improve efficiency.The Cusmat Brazing & Welding simulator helps new operators become familiar with the brazing processes and the dexterity and precision involved by learning the fundamental techniques in a real-world setting, while experienced and trained operators can further increase their skills and productivity

Outcomes Delivered

Reduction in training

Decrease in repair

Decrease in Loss of productivity
due to downtime

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