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Pharmaceutical industries have a constant demand for skilled manpower who can carry out tasks that require specialised knowledge and skills in order to fulfil the certification standards and maintain high productivity. Given the high regulatory overhang over production, even slight deviations and errors could prove costly for the company.

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps are a critical component of the manufacturing process and need thorough understanding before operating to ensure a smooth run. Entrusting this machinery to an appropriately skilled & experienced operator becomes imperative to reduce the risk of damage

Cusmat Solution

The Cusmat vacuum pump simulators lead directly to transferable skills and measurable work site efficiency increases for the operators who gain vital experience on them without actually using the machine, which reduces the risk of injury and delay. It gives the user complete control over the machine operation and maintenance while enhancing productivity and work quality. The simulator helps technicians improve their efficiency and skills while also acquainting them with the maintenance processes. These simulators can be used by both new and experienced employees.

Outcomes Delivered

Reduction in training

Decrease in repair

Decrease in Loss of productivity
due to downtime

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