Use Cases

While Mining is a labour and machine intensive field, optimum output can only be achieved when the two work effectively in-tandem. Operators can be trained well to run these massive machines smoothly which helps them to gain expertise in running the machines efficiently while drastically reducing accidents and near misses. Simulators make equipment less intimidating and this allows new hires to feel comfortable behind the controls almost immediately. Traditional training methods take much longer time and also lack the detailed analytics necessary to get an accurate understanding of the extent of absorption of inputs by the trainee. Besides, they are unable to replicate real-world challenges that would be faced by the operators.


Cusmat provides simulators where drivers can practice operating the Dumper in adverse conditions, such as rain or fog, and at night. The simulator is helpful for both new and experienced operators. New recruits become comfortable with the truck controls and learn the fundamentals of driving. As the simulator is made to promote productivity, fuel efficiency, and overall safety levels, experienced operators can not just get a refresher of the basics but also further sharpen their skills.


With the Cusmat Winder simulator, the operator gains experience without actually using the machine, which reduces risk of injury to both the operator and the machine while also avoiding upsetting regular operations. It also enhances control over how the machine is used, its maintenance, fuel efficiency and the overall job quality.

The immersive learning simulator has a significant positive impact on operators across experience levels.While more experienced operators can enhance their efficiency and expertise, novice operators can become comfortable with the winder controls.


Operating proficiency for different excavators can be developed with the help of CUSMAT simulators, and new operators can get comfortable with the controls and SOPs. By honing their skills while practicing with the simulator, experienced operators can increase their output, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Mining Equipment Maintenance

Cusmat strives to improve productivity metrics for their clients by using our Metaverse-based skilling platform to train the new as well as experienced technicians in the maintenance of equipment. Simple and complex technical tasks that reflect daily, monthly, and annual schedules and procedures are repeated for maintenance training exercises.

To practise highly skilled and dangerous tasks, the simulators reproduce high-risk scenarios with the precise spaces, terrains, and machine models in a secure and realistic learning environment. Given it’s in a simulation environment, service technicians are better able to remember by doing what they have learned and apply it to their daily tasks when trained with better techniques.

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